Let’s be frank, saving money in itself can be a task. Wait, who are we kidding?  Saving money is ‘definitely’ a task. Now imagine saving to purchase property or home what with the amount properties go for today.

But still, only a few things in life create such excitement and fulfilment that acquiring a property of your own does. For most of us, it is the biggest achievement we’ll ever record in the chronicles of our respective lives. But unless you win a lucky dip or some lottery prize money, buying a home would require some serious ‘saving Kung fu’ and ‘financial gymnastics.’

Now, where does one find this much-required knowledge to navigate evident realities and attain the prominent desires of one’s heart?

Look no further, let’s show you how –

  • Open a Savings Account: We assume you’ve already done this but if not, not to worry, we won’t call you unserious just yet, so long as you visit the nearest bank of your choosing and fill out the required documentation required to open a savings account. By the way, this account is a specially dedicated one so if you desire to go out of your way and title it ‘Property Acquisition Savings”, ‘No wahala.’


  • Set a target: They say “where there is no law, there is no sin.” So, if you are certain about doing this and seeing it through, you should start with a time frame in mind. It has to be realistic and achievable, mostly as a result of projections drawn from such things as present income, how much you can manage without, personal plan, level of readiness, location of would-be home etc. This timeframe would guide you throughout the saving season but most importantly discipline you to do the next thing detailed beneath.


  • Create and adhere to a savings plan: It’s like how you discipline yourself to automatically remember your ten per cent for tithe (if you pay your tithe), five per cent for charity, ten per cent for exigencies and stuff. Create a convenient saving percentage plan and adhere strictly to it. It helps if you start conditioning yourself to think that you earn lesser than you actually do earn presently.

Quote:  Learn to save 20% of your income for a home. If not 20%, then 10%.

  • Save your excesses: It’s time to stash all those petty monies and bonuses that come your way from side gigs and ‘open heaven blessings’. All the money you would usually spend on extra cosmetics because you don’t want them to run out of stock by the time you need them – leave them on the stall. Don’t for once think you can alter the pattern of life, or have you not heard the saying “if you love something, let it go, and if it comes back to you, then it’s truly yours.” Save this one, it is yours.


    • Don’t kill yourself, Spoil yourself (sometimes): We know, we know, we know! We’ve advised that you embrace frugality and be decently miserly, now this. You’re probably wondering how spoiling yourself is in tandem with our goal to buy you a dream house from saving. Well, just because we want to buy a house doesn’t mean we should starve to death na. Abi, no be pesin wey chop go pack go new house? Take yourself out sometimes – not as much as you used to o. Eat-in too, you don’t have to go to a restaurant on the island and blow 50k on a meal to feel loved, 10k in your house kitchen by yourself or with closest friends can do that magic also.